the perfect fringe that changes everything and that fascinates Mediterranean women

The bangs continue to surprise us with new proposals each season. During this first-summer, Long bangs will be the main protagonists, as is already the well-known curtain bangs or curtain bangs. However, there is another that frames the face while creating a relaxed and natural image: the gringe.

It is a new word created from grow (to grow in English) and fringe (fringe), that is, bangs that grow. A new term for a new version of the bangs that goes one step further to become even more irresistible.

Long and open, that’s the way it is

This very long fringe is achieved by cutting it to this length or by letting it grow until it falls down the sides of the face, highlighting it. That makes it even easier to maintain and is also ideal for those who want to hide their bangs, as a stylish transition phase is perfect. “This kind of bangs it fits very well with different types of cuts, from shags to midi or longer manes. His inspiration is found in the seventies in the relaxed and pronounced vertical lines that give us an air of freedom “, affirms M.ª José Llata ​​of Peluquería Llata ​​Carrera.

“Thanks to this length and because the bangs open to the sides, it is very flattering. It can be cut so that the center is shorter and the length is progressively widened until it integrates more or less with the rest of the hair. another version is straighter and just as long, leaving the contrast between the bangs and the hair visible, “explains the stylist.

Who favors

Long bangs are very versatile, as they can be styled in different ways. That makes them ideal for different types of face. “This type of bangs is especially flattering with almost any face, as it does not fall entirely on the eyebrows and slightly clears the forehead combing to the sides. That makes it adaptable, “explains Rafael Bueno, from Rafael Bueno Peluqueros.

However, on some faces, the gringe stands out even more. It is the case of the round ones, since it makes it look more elongated. The same thing happens in the squares, but in this case what it achieves is to smooth it out. The strands of the bangs are responsible. Also, the gringe highlights the eyes by being a long bangs. I also recommend it for those who want a fringe and do not dare, or to comfortably frame the face. It is not recommended, like any fringe, if the forehead is small because it shortens it even more, “he continues.

The cuts that make it stand out

Different bangs can look good with all cuts, although with some it stands out even more because it manages to align itself with the attitude of the moment. “When choosing a cut to add the gringe to, we have several possibilities,” says Raquel Saiz, from Salón Blue.

“If we want a more relaxed and fresh look, a tousled shag it would be for us. Also in Long or medium manes if we wear them with layers because they will give us the movement we need. Anyway, this long fringe also fits with whole hair, working here with a more elegant and always current result “, explains the stylist.

Not only loose hair live the manes

Leave the loose strands, known as a messy or undone effect, creates a relaxed feeling, of freshness and freedom. And in a collection, we get the comfort of the collection and the benefits that the gringe gives us.

“This fringe goes very well with the collected ones, from high to low ponytails or bows. It gives them a casual or more boho touch, depending on how we style it. If, in addition, we leave some strands on the sides, then it is also sexy. But if you want to wear it with the look of the moment, then I suggest the swing-shag, a frayed tiered cut that together with the gringe make an explosive cool combination “, suggests Charo García, from Salón Ilitia.