the perfect choice whether you are nervous about the console or if you ran out of reservation

A user has created a curious minigame that will allow us to open the console and connect it to the power … virtually.

Playstation 5

This week PlayStation 5 arrives in Europe. A launch that comes accompanied by many peculiarities due to the situation the planet is going through. That has caused there are no consoles to supply the demand, or that the machines for the lucky ones with reservation have to be sent home due to the fact that there are closed shops in many places. For that comes PS5 Simulator, a game with a great sense of humor and a certain irony that invites us to experience the sensations of receiving the console and installing it in our living room or bedroom.

PS5 Simulator helps to take with humor the wait until the arrival of the consolePS5 Simulator is a game that can be downloaded for free from itch io and that allows us to recreate the sensations felt when receiving a new console. Since the delivery man leaves the box at the door of the house, do the unboxing, until you find a place in the furniture or connect the system cables. An experience created by Alex Grade, an independent designer, and who already has more than 3,000 downloads to his credit.

In this way, PS5 Simulator is a peculiar alternative for those who have not got the console for the launch date due to lack of stock. Or for those who want train for when the time comes from this Thursday. In this way, the wait will be made more pleasant while the status of the order is checked on the transport page.

PS5 will arrive in Europe and other territories of the world this November 19, with a complete catalog of launch games, among which Demon’s Souls or Spider-Man Miles Morales stand out. Also don’t miss our in-depth analysis of the console and its first games.

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