The Pentagon tracked United States citizens around the world without their permission

05/16/2021 at 12:13 PM CEST

The Pentagon could be using business information to track American citizens without the need for legal process. According to a letter from Senator Ron Wyden shared to Vice News, the senator asked the Department of Defense (DoD) about a mobile location and other information that was sold through from commercial sources. The DoD answered some questions, but many of these answers were sidestepped. Subsequently, the senator wrote that “It is urgent to make public that the information on the surveillance without legal guarantees of the DoD is being carried out”

Various legal agencies in the United States have been selling telephone information and other location information from applications installed in the American phones to track possible terrorists, illegal immigrants and other groups since at least 2017. “I have spent years of my life researching the dark and unregulated information that government agencies are selling and which agencies are buying it.”

It is deeply illegal for United States government agencies directly monitor the population without any guarantees according to the fourth amendment. Beyond that, the United States Supreme Court ruled that it was illegal to access the location through mobile phones without a court order. But this also transcends borders since US citizens could be followed throughout the world. That is, they could also be tracked here, in Spain.

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