The Patron Saint – The News of Chihuahua – Between the lines

Pedro Fernández said he was excited about his return to the small screen after confirming that he will star in the project ‘Malverde: El Santo Patrón’ on the Telemundo network.

“It is a wonderful challenge that I take with great affection, with great emotion, with great joy that it is a project that the public enjoys very much,” said the actor in an interview for the Hoy día program.

When questioned for the reasons that led him to return to the television forums after several years of absence, Pedro explained:

“I consider that the time that I should have waited between one production and another of what I have been doing in acting has been enough for the public to rest a little from my image and return with a project so, but so important, with a character that he is going to demand me because you can imagine, interpreting the character of Malverde will not be and is not an easy subject ”.

Regarding what his family thinks of this project, Fernández said: “It is a challenge that I am taking with great affection and with absolute awareness of what this represents, so we are all happy, my family is very happy.”

Accompanied by a great cast such as Carolina Miranda, Mark Tacher, Isabella Castillo, Alejandro Nones, Sofía Castro, Ivonne Montero, Luis Felipe Tovar, Adrián Makala, Candela Márquez and Humberto Elizondo, it will be like Pedro Fernández will return to the small screen after 2014 unexpectedly left the telenovela ‘Hasta el fin del mundo’.

By: Mexico Agency