The ‘pastón’ that costs Atlético to play at home in Bucharest

The Atlético de Madrid has been forced to have to play at home against him Chelsea at the National Arena in Bucharest, in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16. The restrictions on flights from the United Kingdom in Spain due to the coronavirus, and the fact that no exceptions were made with the English expedition, led the rojiblanco club to look for a stadium in Europe that would meet the necessary conditions to host the match.

With Portugal, France and obviously Spain ruled out, it was thought at first in Italy, but the fields that could be played were not available for these dates. And in the end Bucharest was chosen. A distant destination, but not one of the most, three and a half hours away by plane.

Atlético bequeathed there on Sunday night, to avoid the trip the day before the commitment against Chelsea, with resignation by flag. Because rojiblancos players and coaches have been making the idea since the decision made by the entity was known, according to UEFA. “We take care of the game, not of what we cannot solve. Honestly, what I think is that at this time, with many problems for many workers, we who can play wherever and whenever, because we love football … It is where we have to play, where we can play, we are focused on it “, he affirmed Simeone
at the pre-match press conference.

That, in sporting terms. Because economically, having to play in Bucharest as a local is a blow to the mattress club, which is already being hit in this sense by the pandemic. As recognized Enrique Cerezo, Atlético has taken care of all the expenses: travel, hotel, stadium rental … UEFA takes care of absolutely nothing.

And this amount, according to El Mundo, amounts to 200,000 euros. A figure very far from the expense that would mean for Atlético to organize this match in its stadium, the Wanda Metropolitano, about 10,000 euros. “It’s like that, take it or leave it,” added the mattress president in Onda Cero, after ensuring that the most fair thing would have been for the entire tie to be played on neutral ground, since the Chelsea Yes he will be able to receive the rojiblanco team in the return at Stamford Bridge.