The Paris marathon in autumn 2021

This Tuesday, ASO, organizer of the Paris marathon, announced that the next edition of the event will take place on October 17, 2021.

The date of the next edition of the Paris marathon has been set. Indeed, it will take place next fall, in 2021, while traditionally, it takes place in spring and more precisely during the month of April. This legendary event, like all of world sport for that matter, was obviously not spared by the coronavirus pandemic, which moreover continues to rage throughout the world today. And for good reason. Indeed, this year, the marathon has simply been canceled, although it had, at first, been reprogrammed for this fall, precisely.

In addition to the marathon, which will therefore take place on October 17, the semi, for its part, has been scheduled for September 5. This official announcement was made on Tuesday by the organizer, namely Amaury Sport Organization, in a letter sent to all participants registered for this 2020 edition.

Many marathons will be scheduled in the fall

The latter thus have the choice of participating in the 2021 editions of the half and the marathon, or else they can quite simply be reimbursed. However, they also have time to make up their minds, as registrations will not officially open until next March. For next year, Paris therefore did not want to take any risks, since the coronavirus pandemic is still not over. Some experts even argue that it will be next summer, after the arrival of the long-awaited vaccine.

In 2021, almost all major marathons will take place during the same period. Indeed, the Berlin one will take place on September 26, London on October 3, Chicago on October 10, Paris on 17, Rotterdam on 24 and New York on November 7. Finally, these postponements will also have consequences on the qualification for the next Olympic Summer Games 2020 in Tokyo in Japan, rescheduled for next summer. Indeed, the occasions will be rare, to obtain this precious sesame.