The Paralympic Committee and the CSD more than double their medal prizes

06/24/2021 at 1:55 PM CEST


The General Assembly of the Spanish Paralympic Committee (CPE) approved this Thursday an increase in the financial prizes for each medal achieved at the Tokyo Paralympic Games, placing them at more than double what was granted in the Rio Games.

With the approval of this measure a gold medal It will be compensated with 70,000 euros (for 30,000 in the Rio Games), the silver with 35,000 (15,000 in 2016) and the bronze with 21,000 euros (9,000 in Rio).

This will be the first time that these awards have been co-financed between the CPE and the Consejo Superior de Deportes (CSD), thus attending to a historical claim of the Spanish Paralympic movement, which demanded that the CSD participate in the financing of these awards, as well as it did so in the case of Olympians. To date, this cost had been fully assumed by the CPE and the sponsors of the ADOP Plan.

In the General Assembly, chaired by Infanta Elena, Honorary President of the CPE, the head of the CSD, José Manuel Franco, stressed that this decision addresses a claim that “demanded, in a fair way,” to continue progressing on the road to equality with Olympians.

“Your elevated spirit and the values ​​that you promote have been above this historical discrimination with which today we are closer to ending,” said Franco, who appreciated that this “claim leads, little by little, to be a more just and fair society. egalitarian “.

For his part, the president of the CPE, Miguel Carballeda, thanked on behalf of the entire Spanish Paralympic movement for the “important step” taken by the CSD and the Government, in general.

We are on our way to that full equality of rights, obligations and opportunities. And we hope that already at the Paris 2024 Games we can establish that commitment to be equal, that athletes, with the same effort, have the same recognition in our country, “he said.

The amounts for the awards for medals in individual events are cumulative, so that an athlete who obtains two or more medals in the Tokyo Games will receive the sum of the amounts of each of them.

For the events and sports of teams, relays, couples and doubles, the economic endowment of the prizes for achieving a gold medal will be 35,000 euros for each of the components of the group; 17,500 euros for each one in the case of the silver medal, and 10,500 for each member of the relay, pair, double or team that gets a bronze.

Support athletes in sports for the blind such as athletics, 5-a-side football, cycling and triathlon will receive as a prize for each medal achieved the same economic amount as the athletes they act as guide, pilot or goalkeeper.

In addition, to highlight the importance of the technical staff and the entities that facilitate the preparation of athletes in their day-to-day life, the awarding of prizes to coaches is also established, with amounts corresponding to 15% of the total aid granted to the athlete the one you’ve been preparing.

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