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The famous Spanish series La Casa de Papel has just released its fourth season and recently was confirmed the fifth season which will solve certain mysteries that remained in the air and we will tell you when can you see it.

Millions of people they quickly saw the new season It was released last Friday, April 3 and some people even finished it on the same day.

It should be mentioned that there was somes things that didn’t convince fans of the series as for example in some parts of the script and certain scenes.

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As it was expected they left many unknowns Y mysteries unresolved, although the ending was not as open as last season.

That is why they began to ask for a fifth season and fortunately it was already confirmed something that made everyone happy.

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The new season was due to start filming earlier this year to be released for next year at the beginning, but due to the health crisis they were forced to stop its production.

Something that also made them stop was that the actress who gives life to Lisbon, Itziar Ituño, has been one of the millions of people who suffer from coronavirus.

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That is why the release date to this day still not known, but it is for sure that this year there will be no new episodes.

These are some of the Doubts that most people have: Why did Lisbon decide to enter the bank? Where is Tatiana? Who will take over the band? What pain will correspond to Palermo, the character played by the Argentine Rodrigo de la Serna ?, among other issues.

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It should be remembered that last words that the inspector he said at the end of the last chapter was “Checkmate, son of …”, So in a way it did leave many confused.

What yes it is a fact It is the new season, since during a talk before the fourth season will be presented, the vice president of original content of Netflix for Latin America and Spain indicated that if everything went well there would be a fifth and sixth season and it was recently confirmed.