WHO warned that almost half of the cases are concentrated in the Americas, as well as large numbers of affected people in South Asia and the Middle East

Pandemic, new phasePandemic, new phase

Regeneration, June 19, 2020. On Twitter account, the director of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr Tedros published: The pandemic is accelerating ».

And it is that yesterday more than 150 thousand new cases of Covid 19, the most in a single day so far.

He explained that almost half of those cases were in the Americas, and there are also large numbers in South Asia and the Middle East.

«The world is in a new and dangerous phase. It is understandable that many people are fed up with being in their homes, “he said.

Countries eager to open up their societies and economies “but the virus is still spreading rapidly, it is still deadly”.

Focus on the basics

Most of the population remains susceptible. “We continue to ask all countries to focus on the basics,” said Tedros.

That is, he detailed: find, isolate, test and provide care for each case and track and quarantine each contact »

Refugee day

In the framework of International Refugee Day Filippo Grandi noted that in the case of refugees and migrants right now “what we are most concerned about in this pandemic is the impact on their livelihoods.”

Refugees and migrants survive from day to day, in informality, “explains the High Commissioner for Refugees.


The pandemic must be an opportunity to leave that rhetoric of «me first or my country first »and work together. Divisions must be put aside, “he said.

Must get politics out of the pandemic and out of the problems migrants and refugees face.

«World Refugee Day, “It is an important time to highlight the risks # COVID19 for the most vulnerable.”

They are at risk because they often have limited access. to adequate shelters, water, nutrition, sanitation and health services, “said Tedros.

«More than 80% of the refugees and almost all the internally displaced persons in the world are in low and middle income countries», he specified.

WHO is deeply concerned about the real danger and current of the widespread transmission of Covid in the refugee camps, He spoke at a press conference.