The Palacio Valdés de Avilés theater opened its doors yesterday after confinement with half the capacity due to the security measures required by covid-19 and with a national premiere « Rita », with a text by Marta Buchaca (Barcelona, 1979), directed by Lautaro Perotti and produced by La Zona. Around 300 tickets were put on sale for yesterday’s performance and another similar number for this afternoon, at 8.15 pm. The security measures were followed: with hydrogel at the entrances and seats were removed to keep distances.

« The play was premiered in Catalan but Avilés’ is the premiere in Castilian, » said the author. « I am happy that the premiere is at the Palacio Valdés and that 600 people can see the play in two days in this complicated situation we are in, » he added. The play, starring Carlos Hipólito and Mapi Sagaseta, tells of the situation in which two brothers find themselves faced with the need to sacrifice their sick dog Rita on the advice of the veterinarian. One must accept that his dog is dying and the other that their mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, is also at the end of her life. « It is a play that does not speak so much about euthanasia as about the living will. It is a very funny comedy, » says Buchaca.

The author does not plan for the coronavirus to star in any of her work. « I have projects for the cinema underway, I write as if the coronavirus did not exist. Although everything is very new, as in the Palacio Valdés I will not be able to enter the dressing rooms, » he said.

The people of Avilés congratulated themselves yesterday on being able to return to the Palacio Valdés, which this year celebrates its centenary and which the pandemic forced to close in March. Last August an open house was organized. « I am delighted that the theater is back, this is the cultural life of Avilés », said Mª Ángeles García. The Diéguez family also attended the first performance. « It is good that things begin to be done, we come to the theater a lot, » they assured.