the paid subscription, its exclusive functions and price are filtered

Rumors about aspaid subscription on Twitter have surrounded the social network in recent years. In 2020, however, those led by Jack Dorsey recognized their interest in exploring a premium membership in the near future. Today we finally know the first details of said proposal, although not by an official announcement, but by a filtration by Jane Manchun Wong (via 9to5Mac), the well-known developed who constantly advances the news of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

First, Manchun emphasizes that the paid subscription will be called Twitter Blue. Even more interesting, it would be available for $ 2.99 per month, which are approximately 2.5 euros or 60 Mexican pesos. Obviously, Twitter would adjust the price based on the region. As expected, Twitter Blue will integrate exclusive functions, which will have the objective of improving the general experience of users with the platform.

Interestingly, the leaked features include some that the community has been requesting for years. No, at the moment there is nothing about the “Edit” button, however, Twitter would instead offer you a function to prevent the publication of tweets with errors. Its about button «Undo» (Undo), whose purpose is cancel the post before it’s too late. In other words, before you make a fool of yourself in front of all your followers.

According to Manchun, Twitter will allow you to adjust the time of the “Undo” button. In this way, when you press the button «Publish» you will see a counter of between 5 and 30 seconds, time that will elapse before your tweet is sent. During this short period, you will have the opportunity to undo the post, either because you identified typos or simply regretted the content of your message. It is nothing that we have not seen before, since Gmail and various mail applications have implemented it for years.

Another novelty of Twitter Blue would be the Collections. Currently it is possible to store tweets by pressing the “Save item” button, however, we do not have the possibility to organize them depending on their content. Thus, Collections will allow create folders to have a better management of the saved publications. Finally, apparently they will also offer the option of create and share newsletters from your own social network, this thanks to the purchase of Revue last January.

For now we do not know when they will launch Twitter Blue. What is clear is that still in development and surely in the coming months we will know more exclusive functions. One of them could be based on Scroll technology, a payment service acquired by Twitter that eliminates advertising blocks on information websites. A part of their income, of course, is distributed to the media as compensation.

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