The world of paddle tennis rebels. The de-escalation of the confinement proposed by the Government of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias seriously damages what is the second most practiced sport in Spain, since up to now neither in phase 2 can a doubles match be played. The President of the Spanish Federation, Alfredo Garbisu, expresses his concern and hopes that the CSD will study his proposal not to “kill” the paddle tennis.

“In phase 1 they let us play individually, one-on-one training, we can’t play two-on-two games. The tennis and paddle federations have made a joint request to the CSD so that allow us in both sports to play doubles, let’s see if we are lucky », explained in the Cope Chain.

Garbisu does not understand that up to ten people can gather in bars and not two in a paddle tennis court: «There are things that we did not understand. In a cafeteria or a bar there can be eight or ten people together and on a paddle tennis court there cannot be two. In Spain there is an estimate that says it is the second most practiced sport, it is estimated that about five million Spaniards. We are going to try to play in phase 2 doubles, we have made the request to the CSD, we are also dealing with the VAT reduction.

The humble clubs are in check

And his biggest concern is that humble paddle clubs are forced to close due to the prolonged lack of income: «My great concern is that they can close the clubs, they are our base. If this situation persists over time, unfortunately there will be clubs that can not take it anymore and throw the blind. Many are humble and family businesses, self-employment. This situation is killing them, a family that has gone two and a half months without a single euro of income … ».

«We need that, with the necessary measures, you can already play a normal game of two against two on a paddle tennis court, because if the clubs cannot open, one against one is not viable », ends the president of the Spanish Federation.