The owner of the Philadelphia Sixers (NBA) and of the New Jersey Devils (NHL)Josh Harris changed a plan he had announced Monday to cut employee wages 20 percent from April 1, calling it a mistake.

03/25/2020 at 10:59



After spreading the news, fans and society reacted, prompting Harris to change his plans. Initially he said that He was going to voluntarily ask employees to earn more than $ 50,000 a year to apply the salary reductions.

He had also made the decision based on current and projected financial losses from professional sports closings that plagued the Sixers and Devils in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Harris had framed cutting wages as a way to avoid layoffs and keep full benefits for the 1,500 company employees. He commented in a statement that “our commitment has been to do everything possible to keep all our employees working in this difficult situation.”

He added that “after listening to our staff and players, it is clear that it was a wrong decision. We have reversed it and will pay these employees their full wages. “

He pointed out that “this is an extraordinary moment in the world and ordinary business decisions are not enough to fulfill the moment. To our staff and fans, I apologize for having misunderstood “.

The Sixers could not require hired workers to accept the cut in wages, and had given them a deadline Thursday to volunteer, the sources said.

According to various sources “Sixers main office members and training staff were angry with the board and unwilling to accept the reduction”. Several Sixers and Devils executives accepted the 20 percent pay cuts.