The owner of the 4,000 euro ticket wrote to Errejón a long time ago and now he returns it to him

Capture of a tweet from Íñigo Errejón. (Photo: TWITTER ÍÑIGO ERREJON)

It is one of the most viral messages of the last 24 hours. A Twitter user who is dedicated to day trading (buying and selling of shares) has given a lot to talk about by sharing what happened to him in a restaurant in Marbella where he spent more than 4,000 euros.

The diner and the other seven companions ordered, among other things, two bottles of Dom Perignon champagne for a thousand euros each, hamburgers, and several shots of Tequila.

The problem is that after leaving the establishment, as he has told, the waiter came out “running” and “pissed off” asking if they were not going to leave a tip after they had charged him 372 euros for service.

Now, the Twitter account nicknamed Numeritos has shared the response that this man left to Íñigo Errejón a years ago in reference to the four-day-a-week workday, the flagship project of Más País.

Errejón explained in that message published in June 2020 that the four-day workday “is unstoppable”: “To reduce contagion, increase production and gain life time.”

A tweet to which the man who has now raised the 4,000 euro account replied saying that the day of “zero days a week and payment of pay was” much better “, that the money falls from the trees.

Errejón has now responded to this with irony: “Tips don’t fall from the trees either, Dom Perignon.”

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.


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