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The documentary The Outsiders will become the first production to premiere on Facebook for $ 3.99 on August 19.

In an interview with Axios, filmmakers Pamela Yoder and Steven Rosenbaum pointed out that posting the films on the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg could help lower the barrier to distribute content for smaller filmmakers and studios.

According to the official synopsis, “Michael Shulan was a struggling novelist and co-owner of a store in New York’s trendy Soho neighborhood. The attacks on the World Trade Center changed his life forever. He and three friends turned their Spring Street space into a now-famous collaborative photography exhibit called ‘Here Is New York.’ For five years, he was known as the world’s leading expert on 9/11 photography. Then the lifelong outsider was invited to be a part of something great. Shulan was named Creative Director of the National 9/11 Museum at Ground Zero.

This is the story of your dream job and how it turned against you. His vision of an open, inclusive, and participatory place for America to engage in the painful personal history of 9/11 fails. His role as a creative leader becomes a daily battle to keep his vision alive. “

The feature film will be available through Facebook Live at 8 pm for all users who pay to see the premiere.

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