The Outriders shooter demo will feature all 4 character classes and crossover play

The Square Enix game will launch demo for all platforms on February 25 and we will be able to import the progress.


If you are lovers of shooters I’m sure you are waiting for the new video game that People can fly will launch on April 1, Outriders. This game of Square enix It will be focused on the cooperative, with 1-3 player games in an original, dark and wild science fiction universe. The game will have a demo from February 25 and now we have learned more about it.

The first thing is that it has been confirmed that the demo will arrive on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Steam and GeForce Now. This version has no end date and it will be active even after the game exits. In addition, the demo will allow the cross-platform game, although the functionality will be in beta and will have to be activated. By the way, if you play on PC, these are the requirements.

It is also very interesting to know that the demo will include the 4 character classes and 6 holes to create new characters, so we will not have to delete any of the ones we create to try them all. Of course, the level will be capped until 7, being able to obtain the fourth class ability. In addition, we can obtain 2 points for the skill tree.

The demo, initial part of Outriders

This demo, which is totally free, includes the prologue and the first chapter of the game. Although it is evident, People Can Fly has warned that the most dangerous enemies we will find them later. The main story of the demo ends when we face Gauss and some side quests will be unlocked after defeating him, so we can explore the world.

This demo includes the prologue and the first chapter of the game, up to the battle with GaussIn the version we can advance to World Tier 5, the game’s dynamic difficulty system, which will increase the rarity of the loot that we get. The objects that we can have for do not unbalance the game when it comes out and the crafting will be limited to certain creations. In the final video game they will all be unlocked and we can save objects for that moment.

You can follow your game on the same platform where you play the demo if you decide to purchase the game and move on later. Of course, from Steam to Epic Games Store you will not be able to pass progress. This version will not have trophies or achievements, but those achieved will be reflected in the final version and, finally, the demo of the video game can be streamed no problem. In 3D Games We already tested the game and we told you our impressions.

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