The Outer Wilds universe will be ready for Switch this year

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One of the indie games that has received the most recognition and that, in contrast, has remained low profile, is Outer Wilds, a proposal for space exploration, puzzles and puzzle solving from Mobius Games. After making its way to PC, Xbox One and PS4, this adventure has a new platform in its sights and it is the Nintendo Switch, which will receive it this year.

Explore space in Outer Wilds for Nintendo Switch

During today’s Nintendo Direct, the Japanese company dedicated a brief space to the presentation of Outer Wilds, which will arrive on Switch in the summer of this year, marking the fourth platform on which the game is available. In Outer Wilds you will take on the role of an astronaut about to leave his planet 22 minutes before the sun of this system explodes, ending everything. Precisely, that period of time is the center of the design and mechanics of Outer Wilds because the end is inevitable once the minutes pass, but for a strange reason, there is no death, no end, but a restart at the moment before departure into space.

This loop of 22 minutes will be the limit you will have in each exploration in the Outer Wilds solar system, but the discoveries you make and the puzzles you solve will remain, so you will begin to reconstruct the history and the present of this small universe until you find the reason why it cannot be permanently destroyed.

The Nintendo Direct left interesting announcements and in this link you will find all the information.

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