The outbreak of the residence where workers refused to be vaccinated reaches 22 positives

The Covid-19 outbreak registered in the San Juan de Segura nursing home (Guip├║zcoa) there are already 22 positives, all of them asymptomatic, after 4 new infections have been detected in the last hours.

The Guip├║zcoa Provincial Council has reported, in a statement, that all the infected elderly had been vaccinated and none of them show symptoms.

All those affected have been transferred to the socio-sanitary plant of the Eibar Hospital, despite the fact that they do not have symptoms, as a measure to prevent further infections in the residence.

This outbreak was detected in a screening carried out in the residence after the positive from a staff person from this senior center.

Apparently, several employees of the center refused to receive the vaccine and later they were infected with the virus. Thus, they ended up infecting the residents of the nursing home who had already been vaccinated with the two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, according to local media.