A new cooperative multiplayer shooter action packed has come to the hybrid console eShop, fertile ground for this genre of games that can thus be enjoyed anywhere with several other friends. Is about The Otterman Empire, a title where fantasy creatures equipped with jetpacks and powerful weapons must join forces in their fight to stop the evil plans of the devilish Tiko, with his army of robots at the forefront. On the occasion of its premiere on Nintendo Switch and PC, last Thursday July 2nd, the independent developer Tri-Heart Interactive, known for having also participated in the development of the Terrawurm arcade, has shown an intense trailer where you can appreciate what awaits us in this entertaining game.

The Otterman Empire trailer (Nintendo Switch eShop)

Feel the thrill of a shooter where bullets fly everywhere in which one to four players can participate. Get well equipped, prepare your jetpack and travel the galaxy wreaking havoc in games full of chaos. With fast-changing game modes, 8 customizable Characters, and rule-changing odds after each game, it will never be the same!

Main features:

• Multiplayer Action Team up to four players in a chaotic local split screen co-op, or fight each other in competitive versus mode
• Play solo: Travel across the galaxy and face Tiko alone! With a wide variety of challenges across 8 different planets in a campaign mode in which you must always stay alert!
• Build your team: Earn stars, unlock skins, customize your otters, and keep fighting.
• Game modes: Quickly change game rules after 2 minute rounds, each game has something new!
• Locations: Fight across the expanding galaxy looking for new challenges
• Split screen: share the fun with the Joy-Con and manage to reach the top of the competition

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