The Oscars are relaxed with the attendance requirement


The Academy prepares to relax the requirement to attend in person for the nominees There has been much criticism that the organization has received for this requirement The increases in cases of COVID-19 have led to more cons when it comes to traveling to Los Angeles .

The 93rd edition of the Oscars will not be like other editions. That was known for a long time. Considering how other awards ceremonies have gone, which have been done via Zoom, the logical thing was that the Academy awards also followed that path. But no. And that has led to various criticisms and cons from the nominees and nominees, whose travel expenses are at their expense. That along with quarantines, etc.

In response to this widespread reaction about the requirement that they had to be on site if they wanted to participate in the gala, now the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences plans to offer the nominees new possibilities: accommodation, possibility of connection via Zoom

In the last weeks, many nominees based outside of the United States have been outraged at missing Oscars night altogetheras increases in Covid-19 cases in Europe and other parts of the world have prompted new measures and travel restrictions.

Furthermore, tBoth nominees and distributors of their films have raised concerns about quarantine requirements on both sides of the trip., which would entail significant financial burdens for one party or the other.

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Apparently the Academy has listened to these concerns, since all the nominees have been contacted directly and invited to participate in a conversation, via Zoom precisely, “on Tuesday morning with the producers of the program” Steven Soderbergh, Stacey Sher and Jesse collinsduring which they will be given “updates on the show,” including options to participate remotely, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

On April 25 we will know what the unique edition will be like, as well as who is present at the ceremony.

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