Audiovisual projects that have been nominated for an Oscar will not be able to compete in the Emmy Awards, focused on television, since the organization has modified its bases to adjust to the changes in the entertainment industry forced by the coronavirus.

The Emmy’s decision comes after the Academy of Hollywood, organizer of the Oscars, announced that films released directly on television or the Internet will be able to compete without having been shown in cinemas, closed by the pandemic, in their next edition.

This circumstance could suppose that certain productions found the way to compete in both awards, especially in the case of documentaries.

“The Television Academy supports the recent decision made by the Hollywood Academy to allow films originally intended for theatrical release but released by streaming or video on demand due to the pandemic to compete in the Oscars 2021.” , the organization said in a statement.

“In addition to that, the Television Academy decreed in March that, starting in 2021, Oscar-nominated productions will not be eligible to compete in the Emmys,” he added.

The change was evident in the modification of the bases approved in March, but after the announcement of the Oscars several members expressed their doubts about this situation.

For its part, the Hollywood Academy has prevented from the beginning the reverse circumstance: that productions shot for television sneak into the Oscars taking advantage of the temporary measures.

In its amendment to the regulations, the organization reiterated that films “originally intended to be shown in theaters” affected by closures during the pandemic will compete exclusively.

Meanwhile, both awards maintain their delivery dates and have not updated the information in this regard.

In the case of the Oscars, scheduled for early 2021, the margin is higher, but the Emmys hold their ceremony in September this year.

“There are no plans to cancel or delay the Emmy Gala on September 20 or the Creative Arts Emmy Gala on September 12 and 13,” the Television Academy explained in March.

“As the state and national directives and mandates on the COVID-19 pandemic continue to change, the Television Academy and its partner on ABC broadcasting will follow the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the county Department of Public Health Los Angeles, “he added.

Even so, the deadline to present candidates was extended to June 5.