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Twenty-six years after the premiere of “María la del Barrio” with Thalía and Itati Cantoral as the main antagonist, there are phrases from the telenovela that have become iconic and are still valid among fans of melodrama.

With the fashion for “memes” and the humor that characterizes Internet users, the phrase “Damn Crippled” became part of the unofficial vocabulary of Mexicans.

During the novel, a scene emerged where Alicia, played by Yulianna Peniche, was in her wheelchair while being kissed by Nandito (Osvaldo Benavides). Moments later, Soraya Montenegro (Itati Cantoral) entered the room, saw the scene and shouted what could be the most famous phrase in Mexican soap operas: “What are you doing kissing the crippled woman? (…) Damn crippled ”.

And although on many occasions the actors are directed by the scriptwriters and even tend to go out of line to give more “drama” to their scenes. Itatí Cantoral reveals what happened while filming that particular episode.

During an interview for W Radio, Cantoral was questioned by the famous phrase that has been around the world and for several generations. Was it real or acted?

“It was written, I was directed by Beatriz Sheridan. I was 20 years old at that time, then I was quite young, so I didn’t have that (…) nor did they let me change the texts “

Itatí Cantoral

He stated that he did not expect a phrase to give him the popularity it gave him or the opportunities that appeared in his career after his character.

It was something that came from God. These like great things that are inexplicable, what do you say but how? (…) If I had planned it, as I have planned other successes of my career and they have not been given to me as is. In other words, you can plan many things and deliver many things and everything, but the last word that gives you that hit, that success that distinguishes you from others, is a divine halo.

By: Multimedios