The origin of the great conflict between Brie Larson and Marvel Studios

Since they confirmed that Captain Marvel 2 will be called from The Marvels, there has been a lot of speculation about the bad relationship between Brie Larson and Marvel Studios.

The first installment of Captain Marvel generated some controversy over the words of Brie larson, but it was a tremendous success as it raised $ 1,128 million. Probably, the inertia of being released between Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Avengers: Endgame (2019) was to blame for such an exaggerated box office. But still, to Carol Danvers he is considered one of the characters of Marvel studios more powerful and with greater potential to present spectacular cosmic stories.

That’s why they surprised everyone when Captain Marvel 2 obtained the official title of The Marvels plus, Brie larson will share the limelight with 2 newcomers to Marvel studios as they are Teyonah Parris who played Monica rambeau in the series WandaVision (Scarlet Witch and Vision) and Iman Vellani that will give life to Kamala khan in the series of Disney Plus call Ms. Marvel.

Now, the question is … Why has Brie Larson lost so much prominence? Above all, because he could be the most shocking character after they can no longer count on Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) or Captain America (Chris Evans).

The origin of the conflict is money.

On Marvel studios they still have high hopes for Brie larson and his character Carol Danver / Captain Marvel, but it seems that the actress wants to be the highest paid in the franchise. She wants to get $ 100 million for all her next appearances in the UCM. Something that is in their contract with the film studio, but the directors will subtract prominence to make it a luxury secondary school, instead of having a main role, which causes their salary to drop considerably and they will not have to reach that figure.

So by the hour the conflict between Brie larson Y Marvel studios continues and so they are waiting to check if Ms. Marvel has the expected success and can be your substitute. The funny thing is that it is a case similar to what happens with Hulk. Since if you star in a solo movie, you have to be involved Universal Pictures and that will make them lose money. Whereas if it is only a secondary, the films will only be of Marvel studios Y Disney and thus you do not have to share the proceeds with anyone.

While they solve the contractual problems, we can see all the films in which he has participated Brie larson on the streaming platform Dinsey Plus by following this link.

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