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Surely it has happened to them that they see a movie and, when it ends, they are not sure what happened in the end, either because the plot does not make it clear what happened, with an open or ambiguous ending, or simply because the film is poorly executed. A new study has revealed which are the titles that have left the public most hungry for answers and in the first two places are, respectively, The Origin – 86% and Tenet – 83%, from the British Christopher Nolan.

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The computer consultancy conducted a study in which they selected the 132 confusing films, most mentioned in lists of publications online, and then they crossed those titles with Internet search figures next to the terms “final”, “explained ”And“ ending explained ”. Thus, they came up with a count of the 25 productions that have left the public the most confusing and whose explained outcome is the most sought after. And in the first and second place, respectively, they were The origin Y Tenet.

In third place was The Sinister Island – 68% by Martin Scorsese, while The Shining – 92% and I think about the End – 90%, Charlie Kaufman, were in fourth and fifth. Below we leave the graph with the 25 titles. It is interesting that the image also recovers the rating that the audience has given each one on the IMDb page, which would also allow us to wonder if confusion is something we value when we watch a movie.

The list of the most confusing movies according to Monkey's studyThe list of the most confusing movies according to Monkey’s study

It is interesting that these two films by Nolan are in the first places since they approach the exhibition on their rules from different places. While The Origin – 86% make clear the logic of their fiction, in how dream exploration works, Tenet – 83% are much more suspicious of bringing the public closer to understanding the supposed “temporary investment” that their plot uses. So much so that, when the protagonist is being explained this, one of the characters tells him “don’t try to understand it, just feel it.” Probably, people have wanted to try to understand this concept and that is why they looked for it while in the 2010 production they wanted to have a definitive answer to the famous open ending on the pirinola that we see running.

The same is probably the case with The sinister island. Martin Scorsese’s film, in case you haven’t seen it, is about a detective who travels to a mental hospital to investigate the disappearance of a woman. We don’t want to ruin the surprise twist, but in the end it turns out that the perspective from which we see the film is not the most reliable. It is also interesting to note that films with these types of surprises at the end appear a lot on the list of the most confusing, as also happens with El Club De La Pelea – 80% and other Nolan titles like Memento – 92% and The Big Trick – 76%.

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Of course, also ambiguous endings, in films that leave much unanswered explicitly, appear on the list. We have, for example, 2001: A Space Odyssey – 96%, Blade Runner – 90% and Enemy – 75% As well as open endings in which the fate of the protagonists remains unsolved, such as the exceptional Ex Machina – 93% and their androids or their own I think of the end. Also noteworthy are movies that are deliberately confusing like Dreams, Mysteries and Secrets – 81% or Donnie Darko – 85%.

Did you understand all of the ones on the list? Is it a matter of understanding a unique sense in each of them or is there an intention on the part of these stories to be interpreted in many ways? Or, it is also valid to ask if the confusion they produce is the product of having been well counted or if it is simply the product of a poor framework. Perhaps the fault lies more in the public’s lack of attention to detail. Each one will say and it is worth inviting family and friends to see each and every one to discuss what applies in each case.

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