The pace of news relating to Paper Mario: The Origami King It continues its clear upward trend as its launch date, scheduled for just over a week (July 17), is approaching. Well, if a few days ago we showed you the melody that will sound in one of the new locations of the franchise (the cafeteria), now it comes in turn to an extensive gameplay and … its first analysis! Let’s go by parts.

It has been the prestigious magazine Famitsu the one in charge of sharing the first analysis from Paper Mario: The Origami King. In this review, and as the Japanese environment has accustomed us, four editors have proceeded to rate the game with a 36 of 40. Making your final average stay at 9. Thanks to the translation made by Oni Dino for Nintendo Everything we can describe the main issues addressed by its different analysts.

And we can say without fear of being wrong, that all of them coincide in improving the graphic style of this new installment with respect to titles like Color Splash. Improvement that results in a game that, instead of recycling items from other installments, seems made from scratch. The comic tone, characteristic of the saga, the amount of content, its unique characters or the fresh and exciting mechanics are other highlights. All this, without forgetting the fun and characteristic turn-based battles (with new elements / puzzles to take into account), the increased level of challenge or the presence of our essential companion Olivia.

Do you already have the hype through the clouds? Don’t worry, July 17th (Paper Mario: The Origami King release date) is just around the corner. Also, waiting to share our first impressions with all of you, we leave you with a gameplay nothing more and nothing less 10 minutes duration to make the penance process a little more enjoyable.

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