Alberto Fernández spoke for the first time about the death of Fabián Gutiérrez, the former private secretary of Cristina Kirchner, who was found murdered in Santa Cruz, and pointed out in hard terms against the opposition. In tune with what was said by his chief of staff, Santiago Cafiero, the President stated: « That the PRO, UCR and CC are encouraged to sign a document like the one they signed yesterday, sowing doubts about Gutiérrez’s death, is outrageous. ”

During an interview with the Rado FM Milenium, the president made reference to the statement written by the main opposition party, in which he assured that the then alleged kidnapping and « disappearance » of the former secretary of Cristina Kirchner was « of the greatest institutional gravity  »

« The use of death to try to reinstate a painful issue, which must be judged seriously, which needs legal rationality and honest judges to deal with the issue, » said Alberto Fernández in the interview.

And I add: « It seems to me an absolute miserability. We want to know what happened to Fabián Gutiérrez, but just hinting that this is the reason for the cause of the notebooks and that the government may be involved in it, it is such a miserable attitude that it is difficult to understand. ”

The president was very indignant with the position adopted by the leaders of the main opposition space in the first hours after the disappearance of Gutiérrez was known. Therefore, he indicated that « if the haters beat us, we’re dead as a society. Those who hate do not rule. «