The opinion of Oviedo: Without the previous joys

Against Sandoval’s team there were not the offensive joys of the three previous disputes, against Las Palmas, Castellón and Zaragoza. In the first half, the Blues were, except for the first minutes, very gripped, without the ability to overflow and what is worse, with too many defensive gaps. So the people of Madrid had two great opportunities to get ahead on the scoreboard when there were still 20 minutes of play, one of them, by Mula, really incredible to fail, with all the goal for him, who was located on the edge of the area little. LThe Ziganda team managed to settle little by little in the rear and Fuenlabrada no longer felt so comfortable in their approach to the Femenías goal.. But as regards the attack, Oviedo had to wait until minute 28 to move with some danger in front of Rosic’s frame, with a deflected shot from Borja Sánchez.

But what is football, after a first half to forget, Oviedo ended up going to the locker room with a goal advantage, achieved by Nahuel from outside the area, in a play in which the Fuenlabrada goalkeeper was able to do something else to prevent it . And the Asturians scored when it hurts the most, on the edge of the break. And that was noticeable, because the Madrid community team went out onto the pitch in the second half with apparent less intensity, which made things easier for the Blues, who then yes, for a few minutes they found the desired spaces and had chances to have scored the second goal.

But they did not. And yet, when it seemed more controlled they had the match, the Blues saw how Fuenlabrada put the tie at one on the scoreboard. It was after a disputed penalty committed by Carlos Hernández on the dangerous and powerful Kanté, that he himself scored a goal. Yes, the Carbayón defender may have touched the ball in his attempt to clear, but it is also true that there are blue players who risk excessively in disputes within the area that, in principle, do not give the impression that they can end in goal.

It is also a shame that Oviedo ended up wasting the last 20 minutes in search of a possible victory after a ridiculous expulsion, in a play in no man’s land, of their center forward Blanco Leschuk. It was two absurd yellow cards, especially for a player with Leschuk’s experience. With ten, Ziganda’s men did not go through practically any stress, but at the same time they did not force the machine to try to finish taking the three points. That is to say, that in the end they even accepted the tie.