The operator of the excavator who released the Ever Given from the Suez Canal comments on the memes: “I was a little upset”

After almost a week stranded in the Suez Canal, at the end of March managed to free the ship Ever Given that was blocking maritime traffic and it caused so many problems to international trade. A great operation was deployed that had 10 powerful tugs to be able to raise it, but among all the team members there was one who stood out above all: an excavator.

During the six days that the ship was stranded, the networks closely followed the release process with interest, but also with humor. And it is that the characteristics jokes and memes Twitter could not miss, especially after seeing the small excavator that, from the first days, I was trying to refloat that huge ship.

A such a tiny solution to such a big problem it became the perfect image to represent many situations. However, there are someone involved who didn’t like this phenomenon too much, and that was the bulldozer driver.

Abdullah Abdel-Gawad, the 28-year-old operator who was driving, assured Business Insider that he didn’t like people making fun of his homework, although “he wasn’t really paying attention.”

The worker confessed that he felt they were laughing at his work. “The fact is that they were mocking. The Suez Canal Authority took action, but sent teams the size of a grain of rice,” he complained. “I was a little upset. But I was very motivated because I wanted the world to say: ‘You did it’“.

For that reason, he has waited until the Ever Given was released to speak and say that he was the one driving. Until then, he continued working, as he explained, resting for only 3 hours each night. “I thought, ‘I can only respond with actions, and that’s how I’ve done it all my life. I don’t respond with words, I respond with actions“.