The online mattress sales start-up Groundhog It has shot up its sales until April by 75%, allowing the firm owned by Atresmedia meet its goal of exceeding six million euros of turnover this year, double that of 2019. It also plans to close this year with positive ebitda.

Groundhog is the first break brand and sale of 100% online mattresses in Spain, founded in Barcelona in 2017 by Toni Estellé, With Atresmedia Hub Factory, the ‘venture builder’ of Antai Venture Builder and the Atresmedia group.

Between January and April of this year, Marmot increased sales by 75% compared to the same period of the previous year. Specifically, in April, Marmota’s turnover has exceeded half a million euros, 225% more than in 2019, and, in May, expects to exceed 250% increase compared to the same month the previous year.

“Thanks to our digital and technological DNA, we have quickly adapted to the new economic and market situation. This is being one of the keys to our success. In addition, our products offer an unbeatable quality of rest at a fair price, and although the consumer can return the product after 100 nights, less than 5% do. This shows the high degree of satisfaction and the potential of the business model “, he pointed out Mario Gutierrez, CEO of Marmota.

For his part, Javier Nuche, CEO of Atresmedia Diversificación, highlights that “the importance of having a recognized and reliable brand becomes even more important in the current context of acceleration of electronic commerce. In this sense, Marmota has been able to project its attributes of honesty and transparency very well, which, together with the commitment to rest of its clients, are the reason for the company’s existence. This combination of excellent brand, product and service is the winning formula that we seek to develop in Atresmedia Hub Factory projects, and Marmota is the outstanding student. ”

The firm’s business model is a disruptive bet in the sale of rest products, which aims to revolutionize the sector. Marmot offers a unique mattress model for every need (3 types), of the highest quality at a reasonable price (by eliminating intermediaries and exaggerated discounts), with guaranteed delivery in one day and 100 free trial nights. In addition to mattresses, Marmota also markets other products, such as pillows or canapés, which currently account for 20% of the business.

Marmot currently employs a team of 12 people in Barcelona, made up of experts in digital marketing, technology and product, and plans to carry out an investment round in the coming months to expand markets and products and accelerate its growth. The round will be signed by the main shareholders of the company, as well as current and new investors.