The online key to know if the IRS deposited you a refund for exemption of $ 10,200 in payment of unemployment taxes

The IRS reported that it sent more than 2.8 million payments to taxpayers who overpaid taxes on unemployment benefits received in 2020.

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If when verifying the status of your bank account, a notification from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) appears under the code “IRS TREAS 310”, the above could mean that the agency has already deposited the money for reimbursement under the $ 10,200 exemption for unemployment taxes.

The above applies to Americans who provided their banking information to the IRS for direct deposit when filing taxes.

The number 310 identifies the online transaction as an IRS refund.

Otherwise, the person will have to wait for the arrival of the refund under the exemption by mail through the United States Postal Service (USPS), a process that would take a little longer.

Being able to establish if the refund was sent via post is much more difficult, since there are not many tools to facilitate the above. However, the USPS “informed delivery service” may be able to help you. Here you can read about the steps to access the service that monitors daily correspondence on the way.

USPS Informed Delivery

“Informed Delivery” or “Informed Delivery” is a free system that scans letters or packages en route and alerts recipients with an electronic image of them.

Usually, the taxpayers who provided data for direct deposit are the first to receive payments from the IRS, be it traditional refunds, stimulus checks or other tax benefits such as the extension of the “Child Tax Credit” that the agency will begin distributing in advance as of July 15.

Official confirmation of the delivery of these refunds will be sent to each person to whom money was deposited or a paper check addressed in the mail, approximately 30 days after your payment has been processed.

“Get My Payment” is not available to track the refund

The “Get My Payment” tool is not currently in operation for the population that is entitled to the exemption. The “Get My Payment” tool was created to facilitate the processing of stimulus check data approved in the federal Congress.

The other option for taxpayers to locate the refund under the $ 10,200 exemption is to verify their tax files through an online account at

If you do not have an account with the IRS, you must open it. This process could take several minutes as you will need to go through several steps to confirm your identity. In this link we guide you on the process to open or verify your files under an online account.

Taxpayers eligible for the $ 10,200 unemployment tax exemption

Under the Biden Administration’s “American Bailout Plan,” taxpayers who earned less than $ 150,000 in gross income Modified adjusted may exclude part of unemployment compensation from their earnings or $ 10,200. For married people filing jointly, they can exclude up to $ 20,400 or up to $ 10,200 for each spouse who received unemployment compensation.

Last week, the IRS reported that sent more than 2.8 million payments to taxpayers who overpaid taxes on unemployment benefits received in 2020.

In the middle of this month, the agency plans to send a second round of reimbursements under the same concept.

The entity has identified more than 13 million taxpayers who would be eligible for the tax exclusion.

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