It is almost a tradition that comes with each new iteration of the OnePlus flagship killers, and is that the Chinese manufacturer handles networks and media hype better than anyone with brushstrokes that anticipate your new devices, in this case the OnePlus 8 that also celebrate this year the lucky number in China.

To the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro We will officially meet them next Tuesday April 14 at an event that will be held telematically globally, although we have certainly already seen the upcoming OnePlus phones in all their shades and we know practically all its secrets of a hardware high performance that will try to break prices again.

In any case, today OnePlus itself confirmed us through its communities one of the most striking features of the OnePlus 8, which is none other than its wireless fast charge of up to 30W, named by the Chinese manufacturer Warp Charge 30 Wireless.

OnePlus is very proud of a wireless charging technology that keeps the experience of its successful warp wired fast charging

All the power but without cables, or so OnePlus says!

Committed to innovation and aware that BBK Electronics group has one of the best fast charging technologies that we can find in the market, the truth is that OnePlus wanted to ensure that the wireless charging technology that will come integrated in its eighth generation meets the standards set by his acclaimed Warp Charge, something that obviously did not happen with what existed in the market.

They say from OnePlus that it has not been easy to develop this new functionality, but have sought the best possible experience for a community of users who, according to them, only “expected them to deliver an exceptional product”.

Thus, OnePlus is proud to present Warp Charge 30 Wireless ahead of time to put our teeth long, with a wireless charging technology that allows powers up to 30W never seen before in inductive charging, and that together with the new wireless charging base of OnePlus promises to upload to OnePlus 8 from 1% to 50% charge in just 30 minutes. Almost a feat, without a doubt.

How Warp Charge 30 Wireless works

These high wireless charging speeds have been made possible by the combination of a new Warp wireless charging architecture, along with the industry’s first isolated charge pump, an ultra-efficient system that minimizes the amount of energy converted into heat and uses up to 97% of the load deactivating it when abnormal currents and voltages are detected.

This feature allows OnePlus maintain stable wireless charging, and keeps the terminal safe even when inductively charged at high power.

For its part, the Warp direct wireless charging architecture allows a real-time communication between wireless charger and smartphone using a manufacturer-customized chip, an electronic mini-brain that helps control charger current flow and voltage maximizing efficiency, and thus guaranteeing that the load up to 30W is fast, fast and stable.

And if this seems little to you, OnePlus has worked so that its technology is fully compliant with the Qi standard that we already know, so it is possible to also charge the OnePlus 8 with any Qi wireless charging base of 5W or up to 10W that we already had at home.

Completely eliminating cables is the dream of any mobile device, but we must recognize OnePlus for the work done because You certainly can’t leave things on the road without the user experience being sustained as it was … It seems that OnePlus has succeeded here!

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