The One with the Nineties

Image of The Flash 7x06: The One With the Nineties

Last April 6 The CW premiered the sixth episode of the seventh season of The Flash, entitled “The One with the Nineties”. A filler episode in which the series introduces a new force of nature, the Still Force (Christian Magby), and unfolds the past of Chester (Brandon McKnight), one of the last members to join Team Flash.

One more week, the scarlet sprinter closes Tuesday night with a fairly discreet audience data that allows him to stay afloat on the television grid. Specific, the episode managed to gather 965,000 viewers in front of the television, 1% more than the previous week, and score 0.2 in the ratings

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The episode begins in Central City with a Jitters waitress leaving work and meeting a Roman centurion on the street whom she mistakes for a cosplayer. However, and in a clear tribute to Jurassic Park, the girl is also attacked by a Tyrannosaurus Rex, hinting that something strange is happening in the city. After the credits we go back 24 hours and we are in STAR Labs, where Barry continues in an induced coma to heal the wounds of his last battle against Psych / Sage Force. At the same time, Nora / Speed ​​Force explains to Cisco, Iris and Caitlin that the rest of the forces appeared after her resurrection and attacked her to feed on her, so she decided to look for Team Flash to protect and help her.

Image of The Flash 7x06: The One With the NinetiesImage of The Flash 7x06: The One With the Nineties

For its part, Chester informs the team that he has managed to design an amplifier that will allow STAR Labs satellites to locate and identify the two villains. (Psych and Force) before they even attack. That same night Caitlin returns to her apartment to find Frost unwrapping her belongings and redecorating the house with his particular artistic style. Meanwhile, Chester and Cisco create a prototype of the amp and go to the outskirts of town to set it up. The device suffers an overload, however, before both scientists can review it they are engulfed by a wave of green energy. Although everything seems to be the same at first, Chester and Cisco quickly discover that they are actually trapped inside an invisible dome of energy. At STAR Labs, Iris finds Nora watching over Barry’s recovery and after a brief conversation decides to share a secret / memory of the sprinter with her. Things for Cisco and Chester also get complicated when, as they enter the dome, they discover that the entire town they are in has gone back in time to 1998.. Although at first they both think that they could be dealing with a meta-human who controls time, they discover that it is actually a new Force similar to the Sage Force (Psych) and the Strength Force (Force). To try to locate this new Force, Cisco and Chester turn the amplifier into a tracker that allows them to locate the person responsible for their time travel. The tracker takes Chester and Cisco to the town’s high school where, after changing their clothes to go unnoticed, they begin their search for the new force. After interviewing several students, they both find one that seems to give off the same energy that made them travel through time. However, when they confront him they discover that he is actually another victim of the time loop and before they can do anything it restarts. Unfortunately, the loop reset affects Cisco differently which for a few moments behaves as if it were 8 years old. After solving this issue, Cisco and Chester discover that it was the tracker that prevented Chester from being affected by the loop reset. Unfortunately, the device breaks and both must repair it before the loop is reset again and they are unprotected. At the West-Allen home, Iris teaches Nora (Speed ​​Force) a memory from Barry’s childhood that is related to his mother and that’s when the speed force realizes that wearing Nora Allen’s appearance might not have been the best decision. Inside the time loop, Cisco and Chester go to an electronic store to buy the components they need to repair the tracker, but they stumble upon none other than Chester’s father.. However, Chester does not have good memories of his father, whom he defines as someone distant and busy, and prefers not to interact with him.

Image of The Flash 7x06: The One With the NinetiesImage of The Flash 7x06: The One With the Nineties

Although Cisco insists that Chester talk to his father, who will die the next day in a car accident, he prefers to stay out of it, so Cisco decides to go talk to him alone. For her part, Iris finds Nora crying in Jitters and she explains that she never stopped to think about the emotional damage she could do to Barry by taking the form of her late mother. However, Iris reassures Nora and explains that having assumed the form of Barry’s mother is a gift to the sprinter. Inside the time loop, Chester talks to his father, to buy him the component they need to repair the tracker, and discovers that in reality he always cares about him in his own way.
Having changed his perception and memory of his father, Chester manages to fix the tracker and shows it to Cisco. The new modifications to the tracker, made by Chester and his father, would allow the two scientists to exit the time loop and return to 2021. Unfortunately before Chester and Cisco can use it, Deon, one of the students with whom they already They had crossed paths, he stops them and unmasks himself as the person responsible for the override. Following this, Deon creates a time wave that this time also affects Central City, turning Frost into a hippie from the 80s.
In the time loop, Deon explains to Cisco and Chester that due to a sports injury he ended up being a nobody instead of the soccer superstar he thought he would be and that because of this he decided to return to the past. For his part, Cisco tries to attack / stun Deon but this with a simple click bar of the story the weapon they were using against him. At STAR Labs, Joe, Iris, Caitlin, and Frost meet up to try to figure out what the mysterious green energy is. and they discover that it is a new force of nature capable of altering time. Finally we return to see the first scene of the chapter, in which the waitress of Jitters is attacked and chased by a T-Rex.

Image of The Flash 7x06: The One With the NinetiesImage of The Flash 7x06: The One With the Nineties

Inside the time loop, Deon prepares to restart the loop once more but Chester, inspired by his father, decides to dialogue with him. After discovering that the night Deon’s life went wrong is a fixed point in time, Chester tries to make him understand that his future depends on his choices. However, Deon misinterprets the message and realizes that he now has the power to decide and change the future of the entire planet, so he decides to leave and break the loop.. Cisco and Chester return to STAR Labs and tell the team, Barry included, everything that happened. Thanks to what happened, Cisco renames Deon as the Still Force, Force as the Strength Force and finally Psych as the Mystic Force (Sage Force). After the danger, Team Flash is ready to enjoy a night off, however, Iris, before Barry’s somewhat suspicious gaze, offers Nora to settle in his house so she is not alone. For his part, Chester decides to dust off his father’s latest project and finish it for him. The chapter ends with Joe telling Frost that Agent Kramer has come to Central City to arrest her for her crimes as Killer Frost.. However, Frost refuses to hide now that he has a chance for a life of his own.