The One Punch-Man Theory That Links Saitama to Blast

blast saitama

Blast He is one of the most enigmatic characters in the entire universe of One Punch-Man. He is known for being the most powerful of all characters, even more powerful than Saitama, but Blast and his cape in the style of Superman or Batman, very little appear in anime or manga. It is for this reason that many followers of the series come to the conclusion that Blast could be the same Saitama.

In this theory that this Reddit user has put forward, he states that probably Blast sea saitama, because Blast He is a Class S character number 1 which makes him the most powerful hero of all, something that normally should be for Saitama, and this is where perhaps there is a connection between the two characters.

blast one punch-man

In this other theory it is stated that Saitama could actually be a monster, on the other hand, Saitama and Blast wear similar outfits, have a cape and are similar to classic superhero costumes from comics, such as Superman or Batman, so the connection between the two could be much closer than we imagine. Another conclusion could be that Blast be the father of Saitama and hence the latter is so powerful, an idea that does not sound crazy but difficult to prove.

Finally, for the followers, yes Blast is not Saitama or they do not have any connection between the two, this would be quite sad for many, since everything would make sense if it were proven that Blast is Saitama, that they are related or that they have some dependent relationship so that the origin of both is even more brilliant. What do you think of this theory?

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