The oldest woman on Facebook dies

By Jethro mullen and Tony Marco

(CNN) – A woman believed to be the world’s oldest Facebook user has died at the age of 114, her family said.

Anna Stoehr of Plainview, Minnesota, came to attention in October when she said she had to lie about her age in order to sign up for the social network.

Facebook responded by celebrating his impressive longevity on his birthday.

“She turned 114 in October this year and received a huge bouquet of 114 flowers from Facebook after she found out she couldn’t sign up without putting in a fake age of 90 or 95,” said her son Harlan Stoehr, 84. years to CNN.

Harlan told CNN that his mother – who leaves behind 5 children, 27 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren – died Sunday.

No phone, car or electricity

He was born in 1900, a year before the assassination of President William McKinley and the death of Queen Victoria. His family had no telephone, car or electricity at the time.

Facebook is not set up to accommodate these venerable users. The network’s registration page only allows people to enter dates of birth that go back to 1905.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had tried to reach out to Anna Stöhr after her company sent an apology about the age restriction, according to family member Marlene Stoehr.

“She was unavailable at one point due to a medical appointment and then Mark Zuckerberg was out of the country so it never happened,” she said. “But it was an exciting time for everyone, with all the attention.”

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday.

He lived on a farm until he was 112

Facebook isn’t the only area in which Anna Stoehr excelled, she was also the oldest person in Minnesota.

He even threw the first ball in a Minnesota Twins game (via videotaped shot) at the age of 113, according to his son.

“They asked her if she was going to throw it over her head or down, and she said, ‘Over the top, of course, it’s baseball,'” he said.

Harlan Stoehr said his mother was always very active and had lived on a farm near Elgin, Minnesota, from 1936 to 2013. She was left alone there after her husband’s death in 1998. At the age of 112, she moved to an apartment in a retirement community in Plainview.

“He loved gardening and always had huge flower and strawberry gardens,” said his son.

Opening a Facebook account at 113

His interest in signing up for Facebook at the age of 113 stemmed from a friendship with a Verizon salesperson.

Joseph Ramireza was selling an iPhone to his son Harlan, who started talking about his mother. Ramireza said he had to meet her.

“He has become a kind of soul mate,” Ramireza told CNN affiliate KARE-TV in October.

He helped her video chat with friends on an iPad and has been teaching her son how to use email and Google searches.

When Facebook wasn’t showing his year of birth as an option, Ramireza helped Stoehr write a letter to Zuckerberg on a typewriter.

“I’m still here,” Anna said in the letter.