The official website of ‘Space Jam’, Internet history, survives despite the arrival of ‘Space Jam: New legends’

Last weekend, Warner Bros. kicked off the promotion of the new ‘Space Jam: New Legends’ with its first trailer. Now that we have seen a preview of the film starring LeBron James and the Looney Tunes, it is clear that there is a new champion on the court. Long live Michael Jordan. But the most veteran Internet surfers were more concerned about something else: What would happen to the official website of the original film?

The promotional website for ‘Space Jam’ has been online since the premiere of the 1996 film and it has remained intact since then, with its simple design almost done with Front Page, its basic Times New Roman typeface, difficult to read because of the static black background with little stars, and its sections that were accessed by clicking on each planet it orbited. , without moving of course, around the logo.

Now if we visit we find the updated website to host the information on the sequel. A quiet portal as is usual today: the trailer, the synopsis and links to the social networks of the film. But the page holds a wonderful gift for nostalgic people. In the upper right corner of the web we find the logo of the original ‘Space Jam’, and if we click it takes us to a backup copy of the 1996 portal (almost) fully operational.

Internet history

In 1996 there were not so many of us who had an Internet connection fast enough to make it really easy to navigate, which is why the ‘Space Jam’ page was so simple, without animations or watermarks. But it was full of very cool things for the time like a trivia, trailers and videos to download (if we had patience), sketches that showed how some scenes had been designed, coloring images, screensavers and icons, excerpts from the soundtrack and much. plus. All that is still online, 25 years later.

“Space Jam: New Legends” is directed by Malcolm D. Lee and has Ryan Coogler as one of its producers. This time we will see how LeBron James and his son are sucked into the WarnerMedia server, where they are blackmailed by artificial intelligence. To get out of there they will have to reunite the Looney Tunes basketball team to face some enemies that take a lot of advantage out of them. This festival of sports and winks will hit theaters on July 16.