The offensive of Renault Spain to sell the Captur

Updated on Monday, 13 September 2021 – 18:22

The registration figures do not reflect the car market in Spain, according to Sbastien Guigues, general manager of Renault Spain.

The Captur production line at the Valladolid plant.Results Renault Espaa won 50 million in 2020 De Meo Plan for the ‘democratization’ of the electric car

The Spanish market is not as bad as the level of registrations indicates due to the semiconductor crisis because the orders are going well. At Renault, we placed 5,200 customer orders in August, according to Sbastien Guigues, general manager of Renault Spain. The lack of chips is causing delays in deliveries of new cars. We are giving January deadline for Arkana deliveries.

Guigues explains that they have launched the service Fast track for those who need a new car. It is an offer for the Captur to choose between two engines and three colors and that we promise to manufacture in Valladolid and deliver it in less than 30 days. The goal is to sell more Captur than its rivals so that Renault will bill more.

For its part, Mikel Palomera, general director of Seat Spain, continues insisting that the Seat Arona, rival of Captur, be the leader of the Spanish market this year. Guigues responds that this year we do not work rent a car. The customer who is going to buy a car and not rent his own, chooses the Renault Captur.

As for how the market will be this year, Guigues believes that we will be around a million and little including passenger cars and commercial. Compared to 2019, the fall will be around 25%. Another problem according to the commercial director of Renault is that we also lack a second-hand vehicle (VO) because new ones are not sold. If we have more VO, we will sell them, since the latter are for immediate delivery. The Spanish OV market has a long way to go because in other European countries a dealer sells three OVs for each new delivered.

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