The OCU gives a low mark to a Mercadona product in its study on household cleaners on the market | Life

The Organization of Consumers and Users, OCU, has carried out a study to analyze the effectiveness of household cleaners on the market and guide buyers between the different brands in supermarkets.

Choosing well a multipurpose detergent is not always an easy task, there are many factors that must be taken into account: its possible uses, the toxicity that they can cause, the environmental impact, the price and more. For this reason the OCU has studied 17 products of this type to determine which are the best in relation to all these aspects.

In Spanish houses, you can find 15 to 20 cleaning products, including detergents for the washing machine, fabric softeners, stain removers, dishwashers, glass cleaners, for floors, for wood … However, as the OCU explains, not always so many are necessary, It is possible to reduce the list to we used to clean, multipurpose household cleaners, for dishwashers and for laundry, four products with which to save money and obtain good results.

Multipurpose household cleaners work surfactant-based and high pH to easily remove dirt from various surfaces, including the floor; while bathroom cleaners contain acidic substances, with a low pH, to act against limescale and with less surfactants. How to choose these products among so many brands seems the key question.

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The OCU, in its study, has evaluated the effectiveness of these detergents in two key functions: to remove dirt from the floor, for which they are used diluted in water, and to descale the grease from the surfaces, for which they are usually applied directly on the floor. stain. The important thing is that they are very efficient cleaning to use little product, spend less money and pollute less.

Of the 17 brands analyzed, The OCU has found seven products that do not reach the acceptable rating As the Mercadona Green Forest (from € 1.33 / container) As you can see in its analysis, it only gets 33 points, below the average, and lacks efficiency and a high environmental impact compared to other products.

However, Lavender Multi-purpose Frosch (from € 2.30 / container) does get a good grade. This product is one of the best “for its excellent value for money and its cleaning power”. Of course, they denounce that Frosh does not warn of the type of surfaces where it should not be used, such as marble, natural stone or untreated wood. Unlike Mercadona’s detergent that gets a high mark in the product’s instructions.

Very few of the 17 products analyzed have obtained good marks in the evaluations on the environmental impact, the majority have toxicity and bioaccumulation problems for aquatic organisms such as fish, algae and crustaceans, or are poorly biodegradable. This is indicated by the tests that have been funded by the EU Clean Project.

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