The numbers of France, one of the favorites to win Euro 2020

06/25/2021 at 9:03 AM CEST

Is Euro 2020 it is being quite unusual. To begin with, it is being celebrated in 2021 due to the situation derived from COVID-19. However, it is not the only uniqueness. The two favorite teams for win this competition They have not been able to win all their matches.

In fact, in the case of France they have only been able to win one game and with a meager 1-0. These results have made doubts about the effectiveness of the equipment begin to arise. Although in its defense it must be said that the national team has not had it easy since it has found itself in the most complex group of the entire classification.

However, their numbers against Germany, where they only found the goal once (the time of the goal) or with Portugal, where they only conceded (in a 2-2) five shots on goal, has shaken the image of the Gauls as an unshakable selection.

It is the second most expensive selection of the entire European Championship, only behind England, but its stars seem not to understand each other. Even so, their direct rivals are not doing particularly well either, so it is to be expected that France will continue to advance in the table until they reach a supposed final.

At the moment the next step on the road is to defeat Switzerland this weekend, a selection that a priori seems quite simple for the French team.

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