The November update for Xbox is here and this includes

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It seems that Xbox wants to close the month of the launch of new consoles in the best way. This is why he announced that the November update for Xbox consoles is now available.

Through a post on Xbox Wire, Microsoft explained that the November update for Xbox began shipping today. This is an update that will be available on the brand’s consoles that are currently supported.

That is, this update is available for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, the new generation consoles. It can also be found on all Xbox One models. Of course, you should know that some features are exclusive to the newer consoles.

But, what news does it bring? We tell you below:

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The first novelty will attract the attention of owners of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. What happens is that it is a feature completely dedicated to these consoles.

What happens is that Microsoft added new dynamic backgrounds to its next generation consoles. In this way, you already have the opportunity to choose from more designs to customize the appearance of your console menu.

In total there are 6 new dynamic fund options. Note that among the options are some that are inspired by past generations of Xbox, while others are inspired by popular profiles.

Something that will catch the attention of many is that the update also wants to make the lives of Xbox Game Pass users more comfortable.

What happens is that it adds an option that lets you pre-install games that are on their way to the service. In this way, you can select them to be downloaded and that you can play them from the first moment they are available when they arrive on Game Pass.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S harness their power to offer various enhancements to gamers. Sadly, in some cases it is not so easy to know which games are squeezing all this juice out of the hardware.

To make that less of a problem, the November Xbox update will add ways in which it will be easier for you to spot this. For example, games that take advantage of Auto HDR will now tell you that they are doing it in a tag that appears to start the guide.

On the other hand, a new tag was also added to the games so that from your library you can know which ones are optimized for Xbox Series X | S. There will also be a filter that will let you see only the titles that you have and are optimized.

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On the other hand, a couple of tweaks were also made to the Xbox ecosystem. With them, Microsoft hopes to deliver a better experience to its consumers.

To begin we have that the Game Activity section now presents you with the achievements. This way it will be easier to see what you are doing in the game and what is next. From there you can also join to play with your friends.

On the other hand, Xbox players whose children play on the console will be able to add family members from the initial hardware setup. Thus, it will be a more comfortable and faster process.

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And to you, what did you think of this update? Are you excited about any of its features? Tell us in the comments.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S debuted on November 10, 2020. You can learn more about Microsoft’s next-generation consoles by following this link.

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