The nostalgic message of Javier Mascherano as a former player who was all the rage on social networks

The photo that the Boss chose to represent the moment The photo that the Boss chose to represent the moment

Jean dress, shirt and barefoot. Ankle boots with plugs rest on one side. The look, melancholic, fixed on the horizon. And a message: “The first Day of the rest of my Life ….”.

So after the cataract of emotions, Javier Mascherano accepted his status as a former player on his social networks. The midfielder, with an extraordinary career both at the club level and in the National Team (with 147 appearances, he is the one who has seen the Albiceleste the most times in history), decided to put an end to his career last Sunday, after the defeat of Students 1-0 ante Aldosivi by Professional League Cup.

“I have lived my profession to the fullest, 100%, I gave the maximum that I could. And today I find that it has been difficult for me for a while and I do not want to disrespect students, my colleagues or this profession that has given me everything “, he was sincere in the press conference after the match in which He lowered the blind to his stage as a soccer player at 36 years old.

Immediately there was a parade of recognitions and tributes by institutions, coaches and stars, who knew how to play alongside the Jefecito, faced him or simply admired his commitment and leadership, which led him to win 24 titles in the different clubs he defended. and at the Senior and Youth National Team level (it held, for example, two gold medals at the Olympic Games).

Since Lionel messi to Andrés Iniesta, through Niño Torres and Rafa Benítez, all took their hats off to Masche. One of the last was Sergio Aguero, with his usual relaxed tone. “When someone asks you what it is to be a crack, say Mascherano. You were, are and will be great. A phenomenon to motivate us on the field and with the right word outside of it. You gave it your all and football is going to miss you. The best in what comes, pa. #Thank youMasche “, wrote.

Kun Agüero's message for the former midfielder Kun Agüero’s message for the former midfielder

Other great figures reacted to his nostalgic message of the “day after”. One was Cesc Fabregas, with whom the native of San Lorenzo (Santa Fe) shared a campus in Barcelona. “Good luck. I wish you the best ”, he signed. Too Gary Lineker, historic former England national team striker, today an analyst and fan of Lionel Messi. “It is a very difficult day. good luck “, The scorer (with six victories) of the 1986 World Cup in Mexico showed empathy, which Argentina won with an outstanding Maradona.

Mascherano’s publication on Twitter exceeded 1700 RT and 65,000 “Likes”. While he digests his first hours without the responsibility of going to training and planning the weekend’s game, the man who emerged in River begins to design his future. As a coach? His representative, Walter tamer, gave it as a fact. “I want you to start in a place where you can impose your idea; where your idea is understood and the concepts are accompanied by the players. In Argentine First Division football it can’t be, because on Sunday you have to win. I want the old and beloved project to be respected ”, he stressed.

Before the duel between Argentina and Peru, for the South American Qualifiers, Lionel scaloni, Albiceleste coach, offered him his hand: “I consider him a friend and of course he will always have the doors open to the property. This is very premature, it will be seen in the future what he wants to do. We always talk and keep in touch because he is a friend who has given me football ”.


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