The North Korean National Team resigns from the Qatar World Cup 2022

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) confirmed this Sunday that North Korea has decided to withdraw from qualifying for the Qatar World Cup 2022, before the conclusion of the final leg of that round.

The AFC In this way, he confirmed the intention of the North Korean team not to participate in the rest of the classification, as had been advanced by the South Korean federation, a country that must host in June all the pending matches of the group where the North team is framed. .

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North Korea It will also not participate in the qualifiers for the Asian tournament that China will host in 2023, according to the AFC it’s a statement.

This body will send the North Korean decision to FIFA to discuss how the qualifying phase for the World Cup in Qatar will be in group H, which in addition to North Korea includes the South, Lebanon, Sri Lanka and Turkmenistan combined.

North Korea’s withdrawal from these competitions is due to concerns that its players will catch COVID-19 and bring the virus back to the impoverished country, according to the South Korean agency Yonhap.

Due to the pandemic, North Korea has closed its borders to human trafficking since January 2020.

The rest of the qualifying matches for group H, led by Turkmenistan for now, are scheduled to be played in South Korea between June 3 and 15, although the AFC said it will announce soon how the remaining matches will be.

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