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Erik Søe-Pedersen, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Icotera.

The Nordic manufacturer of routers Icotera announces its commitment to Spain by opening an office in Madrid focused on the commercialization of products and services aimed at growing the business of operators and ISPs with fiber solutions with excellent Wi-Fi performance in homes. According Erik Søe-Pedersen, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Icotera (pictured): “Too many ISPs offer a fast connection without guaranteeing a high-quality Wi-Fi network, leading to poor customer experience and high churn rates.”

The main reason that has motivated the entry into our country has been the enormous potential of the Spanish market in everything related to help operators improve performance and user experience on Internet connections in this pandemic. The manufacturer, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, has a strong history with ISPs in the Nordic countries, a territory characterized by having one of the highest fiber penetration rates in the world. From the Madrid offices, operations in Southern Europe will also be coordinated

The company’s goal for Spain is to offer Internet providers a very solid argument to offer high-quality routers and to assume greater responsibility when configuring Wi-Fi for end users. “Some ISPs go for cheaper access points and routers to keep costs down as much as possible, but in the end, the churn of dissatisfied customers is much higher than the price of high-performance CPEs,” explains Erik Søe-Pedersen.

Bad connections

Thus, after a year living with Covid-19 and entire families working from home, most households have become familiar with poor Internet connections. Videoconferences with companies and clients simultaneously with online classes have made the frozen images, lost sound and network errors. And this, despite the fact that many households have upgraded their Internet bandwidth with faster fiber connections.

The Nordic router manufacturer Icotera opens an office in Madrid.The Nordic router manufacturer Icotera opens an office in Madrid.

According to Icotera, these problems would be solved with a fast and stable Wi-Fi capable of working almost as fast as wired network connections. “Unfortunately, some ISPs provide high-speed FTTH connections to the home, but offer poor performance CPEs (Customer Premises Equipment) or let the end-users themselves set up and configure their home Wi-Fi. This results in poor connections and constant frustration, ”argues Erik Søe-Pedersen.

In this sense, Icotera’s mission is to help Internet providers provide customers with better Internet experiences through high-performance routers and, at the same time, train end users to manage their Wi-Fi configuration. Fi in a real-time environment.

Icotera’s commitment to Wi-Fi 6

The manufacturer advocates better Wi-Fi with the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, far superior to its predecessor, Wi-Fi 5, both in speed and range and stability. This aspect is essential in environments with high device density. This standard also guarantees a much more reliable network connectionas larger data streams can be processed simultaneously.

The provider will market in Spain its range of devices with Wi-Fi 6, with Beamforming technology with 8×8 antennas in 5GHz in transmission and reception, which offer up to ten times the speed of the typical router with Wi-Fi 5. “The mechanism is simple: a simple configuration with maximum coverage significantly increases the user experience. Therefore, a high-quality router is the only solution if you want to offer your customers the best Internet performance in all rooms of the house ”, Søe-Pedersen says.

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