The ‘no Feria’ in April will have lights and lanterns, but no booths or dances

Seville said goodbye a few days ago to the second Holy Week without processions, with its mind already set on the days that remain for the next Palm Sunday (368) and the hope that the city can recover in 2022 all the traditions lost through fault of the pandemic. And it is that what I would now touch is put away the tunics and take out the flamenco dresses, the shawls and the flowers to start preparing the other great festival in the city, which will not be possible either. Because this year, again, there will be no April Fair, neither in the Real de Los Remedios nor in the city center.

The mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, again this Wednesday to emphatically insist on this point, making it clear that “there will be no Fair, no booths, or activities that generate risk.” There will be specific elements in some areas of the Old Town, especially in the Salvador and San Francisco squares, which they will be decorated with lights and lanterns. But “no one has invited the bars to make booths, nor has anyone invited anyone to concentrate and dance sevillanas in the squares of the city.”

Some statements that directly allude to what was stated last Tuesday by the Minister of Health and Families, Jesús Aguirre, who referred to the Vive Park amusement park, authorized by your department on Calle del Infierno, but that he pointed out that “from there to make a call to a fair that brings together people dancing in the street goes a stretch”.

“No one here gives a lesson to others because public health is shared as the main reference,” added Espadas, who wanted to make it clear that he does not know “where the controversy lies.” “These are debates in which it seems that we want to tighten up an already polluted environment and on Tuesday I made it clear to the counselor; that, as we did at Easter, this City Council has always been an example in any action” it has carried out during the coronavirus pandemic. So, the mayor concluded, “any planned initiative will be seen whether or not it can be done according to the situation of the Covid-19 at the time of the celebration, be it a concert or a show related to flamenco fashion. And if it can’t be done, it won’t be done. “

In the same vein, Francisco Páez, the Councilor for Economy, Commerce and Relations with the University Community and Metropolitan Area of ​​the City Council, spoke during the presentation of two photographic exhibitions on flamenco fashion, where he assured that the municipal intention “It is not moving the Real de Los Remedios to the city center, nor are we promoting bars, as is being heard out there “.

All scheduled activities, said Páez, have the “approval” of the Ministry of Health and have been made “with the maximum guarantees”. And he affirmed that the Consistory will not do “anything to endanger the citizens of Seville. We can be calm.”

Regarding the invitation that he launched a few days ago for the Sevillanas to dress up in flamenco during the week of the Fair when they go out, the delegate stated that “we are what responsible enough to go where we want, always with the maximum guarantees and precaution. “And,” except for exceptions, which happens everywhere, people, in general, are very aware of the situation and comply with the rules perfectly.

The hoteliers ask for responsibility

Neither the hoteliers are for the work of organize an alternative Fair in their establishments. This has already been assured by the president of the Seville Hoteliers Association (AHS), Antonio Luque, who has denied that there is a “common project with the City Council.”

Yes, “some businesses, in a private capacity, want to decorate” their premises, he said, but above all, Luque insisted, “we ask for responsibility” because “These are not times to do anything outrageous”, he affirmed in relation to the possibility that in some bars dancing is encouraged inside. “We are not going to do something that harms the sector when we are doing well with the responsibility that we are showing,” concluded the president of the union.


The actions proposed by the City Council to help the sectors affected by the cancellation of the Fair include two photographic exhibitions, Through the corners of the Alcázar and Los héroes de la pandemia, with 60 images in mupis distributed until April 25 along Avenida de la Constitución, Plaza del Salvador and Altozano.

The days April 17 and 18 parades will be held on the Avenida, in a gauged space to comply with preventive measures. From the 12th to the 25th of this month there will be a flea market in Plaza Nueva with articles related to flamenco fashion. And from April 16 to May 2, an exhibition at the City Hall on the evolution of flamenco fashion.