The Nissan Navara will say goodbye to Europe when the Barcelona plant closes

The closure of the Nissan plant in Barcelona was one of the saddest news for the sector. The Japanese firm has decided to reduce its production capacity in order to cut its annual costs and that is why it will close these facilities in December 2021. While options are being sought to give continuity to this factory, it is confirmed that precisely on that date the Nissan Navara says goodbye to Europe definitively. The decision is related to the future of the Barcelona plant.

After all, that’s where the Nissan Navara was produced for most European markets. So instead of moving their manufacture to another site, they decide directly to cancel the model in our continent, a decision motivated by low demand of the pick-up segment. In this way, the closure of the Barcelona plant in December 2021 and the sales of the Navara are confirmed will end in the course of 2022. And that the brand had solutions within reach to solve it.

Nissan had the option of importing the Navara to Europe from Thailand plant where it is produced for the rest of the markets. It would be an operation similar to what it does with Australia, for example. However, the brand had already decided not to bring this model to the Old Continent, which was slightly renewed last year. So we put an end to a copy that has had quite successful in sales and that it has helped to promote a segment that has always been niche and has taken a secondary place.

Was born on the same chassis as Nissan Pathfinder, another model that also stopped being sold, standing out for its off-road qualities in any situation. The last generation has been since 2015 and also gave life to other models such as the Mercedes X-Class and the Renault Alaskan. The sales levels of these two have not been too good either, so the closure of the Barcelona plant was not a major problem. The segment stays with the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger as main protagonists, while the future generation of the Volkswagen Amarok will be made jointly with Ford.

Source: Automotive News

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