We had to wait a few months more than desired, but Nintendo Switch welcomed with open arms Samurai Shodown. The return of the legendary arcade fighting game with its well-known characters, characteristic weapons and stunning movements. Since its launch, the wrestling squad has increased with the creation of two season passes with 4 characters each (the first one is already complete). Soon, a new fighter from the second pass will join.

Samurai Shodown

The fearsome ninja Sogetsu Kazama will be available in Samurai Shodown on all platforms (including Nintendo Switch) starting next April 1st. This was announced by the SNK company through a new trailer in which we verified its lethal water techniques and its mastery with the sword.

In this way, players who acquire (or have already acquired) the second season pass will automatically receive Sogetsu next week. For those who do not want to buy the pass, but this particular character, there is also the option to buy it for € 5.99 through the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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After the inclusion of this character, they are only missing two new additions of this season pass. One of them was confirmed last January with Sogetsu: Iroha, of which we do not know many details about his fighting style. The last character is still a mysteryBut since both should be out later this year, I don’t think it will take long to find out who it is.