The NFT “fever” comes to Ledger and is led by a former Apple executive

Key facts:

The department will seek to build bridges between the company and the artists.

The company will create “useful, but simple and beautiful products,” he noted.

The fever for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is turning up the heat. Now the manufacturer of hardware wallets for bitcoin, Ledger, has announced the hiring of a former Apple executive to take the reins of its department for this type of cryptoassets.

Parker Todd Brooks comes to Ledger after seven years at Apple Music as head of artist relations. The executive will serve as vice president for NFT and will have multiple roles. Some of them are: monitor and expand storage offerings for NFTs, develop new products and build bridges between the company and digital creators.

Another item on Brooks’ work agenda will be safety. Like the safeguard levels established for private keys, Ledger will address the potential storage problems of NFTs on devices connected to the Internet.

Although he did not offer details about possible new services, Brooks said the firm will create “useful, but simple and beautiful products.” The new vice president believes that with non-fungible tokens there is an opportunity to reimagine how art and music are created and managed.

Ledger users themselves, given the rise of NFTs in recent months, are the ones who would be asking for new storage alternatives to safeguard your non-fungible tokens. This was announced by Ian Rogers, Ledger’s director of experience.

«You can now store your NFTs on your Ledger. And with the growing popularity of NFTs, we have a growing demand from people to improve the Ledger Live experience, “explained Rogers as quoted by The Block.

NFTs on the crest of the wave

Along with the push for decentralized finance (DeFi) and the price of bitcoin in the cryptocurrency markets, non-fungible tokens are dominating the scene within the cryptoassets industry. NFTs are on the lips of millions of people as a form of digital ownership of unique and in many cases collectible assets.

Musicians, artists and even athletes are experimenting with NFTs. Thousands of works of art or original content are being created with blockchain-based digital certificates. Some of the pieces have been sold for millions of dollars, which speaks to the euphoria the sector is experiencing.

CriptoNoticias reported in March that a work by the artist “Beeple” was auctioned for almost $ 70 million by Christie’s. The work “The First 5,000 Days” is made up of images designed every day for 14 years.

Not everything is glitter in the world of NFTs. There are those who think that most non-fungible tokens will tend to zero. One of them is Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, who is of the opinion that people will lose interest in this type of crypto asset over time.