If in itself make the selection of the best team of a season of NFL carries controversy in various positions, making the best set of a decade is a proposal more than complicated

And is that there are many players who ran into moments when their positions were full of Stars or simply burst in the middle of that time as Curtís Martin in 1995 who is a member of the Hall of Fame but was never able to make a team of the decade .

Next Monday, the Hall of Fame and the NFL will announce the roster for the 2010-19 span. Voters were asked to select a first team and a second team as follows: six players in the linebacker position; four on the runner, catcher, tackle, guard, defensive end and defensive tackle; three deep defense and cornerback; two quarterbacks, center, punt kicker, field goal kicker, punt return and kick off returner.

This is how an elector filled out the ballot. Naturally starting with the quarterback, who in the last decade became the focal point of every franchise in the NFL.

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If Tom Brady is not a unanimous selection, it will be a bigger chagrin than any others. Three Super Bowl rings in the decade solidify its place.
The other QB considers all of their own championships as well: Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson. Brees’ overwhelming statistics set the tone for the story, though Wilson is a personal favorite, the most exciting offensive player of the decade.

The difficult part here is finding eight names for both teams. In fact, only one running back is really a star: Adrian Peterson, the only MVP player in the league who wasn’t voted in for the decade.
Joining him are Le’Veon Bell, Jamaal Charles and LeSean McCoy.

It is not so easy to keep Michael Thomas, Calvin Johnson or Julian Edelman out of the first team. Still, there is plenty of comfort with first-team students Julio Jones, DeAndre Hopkins, Larry Fitzgerald and, gulp, Antonio Brown.

With only two options, they go to Zach Ertz and Travis Kelce, relegating Rob Gronkowski to the second team due to his unavailability for too many stretches. Jason Witten is also difficult to leave out of the first team.

And so the list could go on so the decision is not an easy one for voters.