HOUSTON – The celebration of the first round of the National Football League (NFL) university draw brought great joy to the world of sports in the United States after beating television audience marks, despite the first time in history it had to be done telematically, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The suspension of all competitions since March 12 left the sports scene on television quite arid for a whole month.

But history changed last night when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the man who set his mind to hold the draw above all odds, began announcing the players selected by the various teams.

At that time, through television, NFL fans sat down to claim, across the country, that they are ready and eager to get back to sports that they can see and enjoy, at least in an audiovisual way.

The result of this feeling were the results of television audience that left the transmission of the first round and that place it as the most viewed of all time.

According to information provided by the NFL, the average audience during the first round of the draw was 15.6 million, representing a 37% increase over last year’s average audience (11.4 million). This was counted based on the number of combined viewers from ABC, ESPN, and the NFL Network, who televised the NFL draw on Thursday night.

The peak was between 8:45 p.m. and 9 p.m., both Eastern hours, when the Miami Dolphins were waiting to make their selection. At the time, a total of 19.6 million people were watching as the Miami team ultimately decided to use their first-round first-team pick, number five, to choose quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

Thus, the top five cities that had the highest scores during the first round of the draw were Columbus with an audience of 16.7 million viewers followed by Cleveland (15.9), Cincinnati (15.6), Philadelphia (15.1) and Kansas City ( 14.3), where are the Chiefs, current Super Bowl champions.

The draw, held for the first time in league history telematically, was presented by Goodell, who announced each selection from the basement of his residence, in Bronxville, New York, valued at $ 4.1 million, while fans they booed him on the Internet.

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The draw, which will continue on the night of April 25 with the second round, becomes the biggest sport-related event to air on television since the coronavirus pandemic closed the competition live in mid-March.

It was in danger after Goodell stated that he would not be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and many owners and general managers of the 32 NFL teams considered that it would not be possible to gather all the information they needed about the players as all activities are closed and prohibition from interviewing in person with candidates.

However, Goodell immediately sent an internal memo to all the teams, reminding them that the celebration of the draw had been approved by the board of governors and therefore had to be held, even if it could not be held at the Fountains of Hotel. Bellagio, from Las Vegas, but telematically.

This decision by Goodell was also questioned due to the complexity of the technical set-up that each team would have to have while maintaining quarantine throughout the country and social distancing.

But in the end, the entire transmission system also became the first major success the NFL and sport achieved in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.