“The next step has to be taken by Aragonès, opening a Dialogue Table in Catalonia”

Salvador Illa (Photo: PEPA ÁLVAREZ)

A measure of Pedro Sánchez “brave” and based on convictions. This is the message that Salvador Illa launches when just a few hours have passed since the independence leaders have left the prisons, with their prison sentences extinguished by virtue of the pardons approved by the Council of Ministers.

It is, explains in this interview with El HuffPost the former Minister of Health and now leader of the opposition in Parliament, to start a new political time in Catalonia and Spain in which harmony is sought. Neither amnesty nor self-determination are viable, recalls the PSC leader, who believes that the next step must now be taken by the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès. And what should it be? A Dialogue Table between the Catalan parties themselves, which should be convened before the one scheduled between the central and regional governments.

Illa is “hopeful” and says that it is time to dialogue, but with a red line: the framework of coexistence cannot be crossed unilaterally. His proposal involves reaching agreements between the Catalan parties to deepen self-government and then submitting them to the vote of the Catalan population, but he totally rejects a referendum on independence. He is against voting on a breakup. And of another thing he is sure: “When a time passes, the success of the pardons will be seen more clearly.”

What do you think the pardons approved by the Council of Ministers will be used for?

To promote the opening of a new political time in Catalonia and, therefore, in Spain. A new political time that we Catalan socialists have been demanding for months and for which we have been working for a long time. That I left behind di …

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.

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