Every time I miss less that they arrive folding phones to the market, although there are still few manufacturers that have a proposal of this type in their catalogs. We have Samsung, Huawei, Flexpai and, of course, Motorola. The former North American manufacturer resurrected its Razr line for this purpose and its first model hit the market in 2019.

Now the brand is preparing a new launch and the first official indication that it will be has already been produced. The firm has published an announcement in which it cites the media and users to attend a presentation on September 9. Under the slogan « flip the smartphone experience once again », Motorola anticipates the arrival of Motorola Razr 2.

September 9 with more of everything, even 5G

Although there will be nothing official until the brand itself reveals it, the truth is that this possible Razr 2, since the name is also to be confirmed, has been filtering timidly for some time. Previous information has spoken, for example, that the phone would arrive with the same form factor as its younger brother although amplifying the power.

We would have more RAM on board the phone, also more capacity for internal storage and also a larger volume battery, which would increase the autonomy of the device. Although the most striking data is the one that talks about its processor, it seems that the Motorola Razr 2 will arrive with the Snapdragon 765 from Qualcomm, giving 5G connectivity to a phone that this time would not add to the list of high-end phones on the market despite its form factor.

Other data point to a 48 and 20 megapixel dual camera, to an internal eSIM automatically turning it into a Dual SIM phone and we would not have protection against dust or water, at least not officially certified. So, wait. Remember, on September 9 we will know everything about this Motorola Razr 2 that will arrive with 5G and, we assume, a price similar to that of the original folding Razr that landed for $ 1,499 in the United States.


The next foldable Motorola will be presented on September 9 and everything points to the Motorola Razr 2 5G